My RVs 4 Rent

Terms and Conditions
Rental Agreement 

****Renter acknowledges the tow vehicle MUST be equipped with an electronic trailer brake controller and have a 7-pin wiring connector. We will not release unit without these things present and working. You will be charged full rental even if you do not take the unit.

Renter acknowledges that the insurance provided as part of the rental rate ONLY covers the unit, its repair and replacement, with a $500 deductible per accident. The insurance protection, including Liability, does not extend beyond the unit to a 3rd party unless supplemental insurance is purchased by renter thru MBA.

 If renter is a no-show and no-contact by 2pm on pickup date Renter agrees and authorizes My RVs 4 Rent LLC to charge the entire balance due to the credit card on file and consider the reservation completed.

My RVs 4 Rent LLC may collect from the renter in advance or authorized to charge credit card a $500 damage/security deposit to hold. The $500 damage/security deposit is 100% refundable if the unit is returned CLEAN and DAMAGE free. Renter agrees to forfeit some or all of the $500.00 security deposit as well as be financially responsible to pay above the security deposit for damage to the travel trailer, by self or others, including acts of nature. This applies to issues/damage during the rental period or discovered after the rental period but before the next rental. Renter will be provided a list of damages and repair/replacement costs. Refund of the $500 security deposit may be held pending inspections/repair quote. The Renter agrees to pay $500 deductible per accident/incident.


When a Renter creates a reservation a Reservation Deposit between $100 and $250 is charged to lock the unit and dates in and removes them from the reservation system. 

The Reservation Deposit is NONREFUNDABLE for any reason.

If booking is cancelled 30 to 15 days prior to departure:
Any insurance paid is refunded
Renter is responsible for 50% of the balance due.
Renter is responsible for any service fee

If cancelled less than 15 days prior to departure:
Any insurance paid is refunded
Renter is responsible for 100% of the balance due.
Renter is responsible for any service fee

Renters must agree to the cancellation policy before booking.

Renter agrees to be charged a minimum of $100 if the trailer is not returned clean (floor swept, toilet, sinks and shower cleaned, fridge/freezer, microwave, stove & all other surfaces wiped clean).  The renter also agrees any addional cleaning longer then 1 hour the rate charged will be $100 per hour, also it is agreed by the Renter that they will be charged $50.00 if waste tanks (black AND grey water) are not dumped. There will be a charge of $250.00 for undeclared PETS and a $500.00 charge for SMOKING.

Renter is 100% responsible for all tickets, tolls, fines, towing or impound fees incurred during rental period.

Renter understands that the propane tanks provided are for the trailer use only and are NOT to be removed and used for personal use. Removing the propane tanks will result in a charge of $50.00.

Renter agrees to forfeit all their $500.00 security deposit if the trailer is used in an illegal manner, taken outside of the United States or Burning Man without authorization.
Renter is responsible to inspect the trailer tires before departure and will be responsible to repair or replace the tire if it is lost due to non-normal wear and tear or by neglect. Renter is aware that there are NO jacks onboard to lift the trailer to remove tire.

My RVs 4 Rent LLC provides each trailer with a spare and encourages Renter to 

purchase roadside assistance or contact a professional service who is qualified to do the work of removing and replacing any tire. Renter is responsible for all fees/bills associated with hiring a professional or purchasing roadside assistance.

Renter understands that the awning may NOT be used during rental period and that they are NOT covered by Insurance. Renter is 100% responsible for repair or replacement at their own expense even if beyond the $500 damage deposit if awning is used and damaged. If awning is used and damages the trailer and/or other surroundings, renter agrees to pay all fees to have a new awning installed and/or have any damage to trailer repaired. 

Renter agrees that if the trailer is damaged during rental (including awning repair or replacement) and the repairs required removal from the rental fleet, the Renter will be responsible to pay My RVs 4 Rent LLC the revenue of any reservation on the schedule it must cancel until repair is complete.

Renter agrees to authorize a payment to My RVs 4 Rent LLC  via credit card a minimum of $500 or $2.00 per mile each way and $125 per hour whatever is greater to pick-up the trailer if the Renter cannot return the trailer by return date/time to Camping World in San Martin, CA 95046 due to abandonment, driver issues or breakdowns of tow vehicle or any other reason. Renter also authorizes in advance a credit card charge to pay for all towing, transportation, fuel, hotel, wages and any expenses involved in retrieving the unit.

Renter Acknowledges:
Pick-up and Return Times(may be adjusted depending on schedule)
The Travel Trailer will be available for pickup after 2pm on rental start date.
The Travel Trailer must be returned by 12pm on rental end date.
Early pick-up and late returns may be requested but not guaranteed and will be based upon trailer rental schedules and requests.
If the Travel Trailer is not returned on the scheduled return date the Renter will be charged via credit card on file a late fee of $250.00 plus the normal nightly rate per night every night until returned. If the late return causes a cancellation by the next scheduled rental then the loss of any revenue from that missed or canceled rental will also be paid charged to the at fault customer who failed to return the unit on time..


For authorized Burning Man rentals, a booking deposit of $250 is taken (and credited to account) to complete the reservation and is nonrefundable for any reason. Also, a cleaning deposit of $250 maybe taken/charged at pickup or anytime after pickup and maybe refunded in part or whole depending on returned condition. Renters are still required to do a basic cleaning consisting of wiping all surfaces/counters, toilet, sinks, shower, fridge/freezer, stove/oven, microwave and swept. Damage/Security deposit maybe taken of $500(cash, check or credit card) before or after pickup and will be refunded within 7 days once unit is returned and inspected.
Renter agrees to not attach anything to the body of the trailer, inside or out. Including things like stickers, tape(painters tape ok), paint. flags or signs.

All other condition listed in the Terms and Conditions also applies to Burning Man rentals.

 Why Tent When You Can Rent!